World First for Australian Company

ABC’s New Inventors

Larry Cooper and his two sons, Grant and Jon Cooper, are set to take the World’s first nylon boat anchor to the World market. Developed and tested by the father and son trio they are now ready to make anchoring jet skis, kayaks, small tinnies and inflatable boats easy, safe and affordable. It was featured (and won) on the ABC’s New Inventor program on Wednesday the 24th of March 2010.

The inventive streak in the Coopers’ was snagged by the need that existed for smaller, lighter, reliable and more affordable anchors. This need presented itself after years of recreational boating and many a restless night spent living on the water.

Many years were invested in researching, developing and perfecting the design of the Cooper Anchor and thousands of hours of trial and error and experimental testing have paid off for the Coopers.