Boat anchors for jetskis, kayaks,
canoes and inflatables

We know, you’ve heard it all before… So ask our customers and they will tell you that the Nylon Cooper Anchor really works!

Weighing less than 1KG (2.2 pounds), made from a strong
durable nylon, but still flexible enough not to damage your PWC.

The Nylon Cooper Anchor
sets quickly and continues
to move into the sea bed, deeper
than most, if not all other anchors.

  • Cooper Nylon Anchor
  • Cooper Nylon Anchor
  • Cooper Nylon Anchor
  • Cooper Nylon Anchor
  • Cooper Nylon Anchor
  • Cooper Nylon Anchor
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Captain Peter Cook Princes Iluka

It is with great pleasure that I can report the performance of the little Pink Cooper Anchor out performed our expectations. As the Captain of Australia's newest Super yacht we quite often are asked to perform duties and to push the boundaries when it comes to the operation of our tenders.

We have had the privilege to test the Little Pink ( as it is now known onboard ) on our recent Easter Charter, We would often anchor our 4mtr Rib in the surf line to drop guests off and we found the Cooper anchor had far greater holding power than our other un named brand. The other advantage is it's nylon construction which is safer and causes less damage.

I congratulate the team at Cooper Anchors for such a great Innovation the marine industry.

Larry Burch Aquavue Cafe Watersports

We have been testing the Cooper nylon Anchor prototypes daily for over 12 months in often very trying conditions and have found them to be very safe and reliable. We have had no issues with them dragging, no matter what the conditions have been.

We use the nylon anchor in our Jet Skis on our Fraser Island tours because they are light in weight, extremely portable, not hard on the fibreglass of the Jet Skis. We can take them on our Fraser Island tours and know that even in the roughest weather conditions they will not damage the interior or exterior of the ski.

An excellent anchor.